[Partial list only]
California Statewide Law Enforcement Association
Crime Victims United of California
Citizens for Law and Order
Crime Victims Action Alliance
Yolo County Supervisor Duane Chamberlain
Yolo County Supervisor Mike McGowan (Ret.)
Yolo County Supervisor Jim Provenza
Yolo County Supervisor Matt Rexroad
Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor
Yolo County Supervisor Oscar Villegas
Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto
United States Attorney for Eastern District CA McGregor Scott (Ret.)
Association of Conservation Employees
Association of Criminalists for California Department of Justice
Association of Deputy Commissioners
Association of Motor Carrier Operations Specialists
Association of Motor Vehicle Investigators of California
Association of Special Agents for California Department of Justice
California Alcohol Beverage Control Agents
California Association of Criminal Investigators
California Association of Food and Drug Investigators
California Association of Fraud Investigators
California Association of Law Enforcement Employees
California Association of Regulatory Investigators and Inspectors
California Organization of Licensing Registration Examiners
California Highway Patrol Public Safety Dispatchers Association
Fire Marshal and Emergency Services Association
Hospital Police Association of California
Resource Protection Peace Officers Association
State Employed Fire Fighters Association
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What People Are Saying:

  " Reisig has generated top-of-the-chart reviews from Yolo County‚Äôs legal, political and law enforcement establishments. "

Sac Bee 12/27/09

  " I rank him very high. "

Yolo County Supervisor Jim Provenza 12/09

  " He's brought some youth and energy and creative ideas to the DA's office. "

Defense Attorney Rodney Beede 12/09

  " The actions and commitment of Reisig‚Ķhave restored some faith in California's justice system. "

Letter to Editor from parents of murder victim 12/09

  " Reisig is a man of integrity. "

Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto 12/09