Tough.  Fair.  Innovative.  Committed.

District Attorney Jeff Reisig has earned our trust.

He’s kept Yolo County residents safe through tough but fair prosecutions, innovative crime prevention programs and diverse community outreach efforts.

Jeff has improved efficiency in the District Attorney’s Office, focused on tough sentences for sex offenders and violent criminals, implemented ground-breaking restorative justice programs for low-level offenders, launched an innovative High-Tech Unit to utilize cutting-edge technology to catch criminals and dramatically improved services to victims of crime.

To protect our familes and children, he’s cracked down on gang and gun violence and worked to rid our neighborhoods of drug dealers, burglars and sexual predators. In addition, he implemented successful anti-truancy and anti-bullying programs to keep kids in school and safe.

Jeff’s creative crime prevention programs and "Fraud Alerts" have helped local residents learn how to recognize and prevent crimes like identity theft, elder abuse, real estate fraud and Internet-related offenses. Jeff also launched a series of diversity-driven outreach programs to provide citizens a forum to interact directly with the District Attorney and also learn more about the criminal justice system.

And despite tough economic times, Jeff has wisely managed and preserved vital public safety services and improved efficiency throughout the District Attorney's Office.  In 2011, he became the first District Attorney in California to successfully design and launch a paperless case management system in court, thereby saving time, money and trees!

Tough, fair, innovative and committed to protecting us — Jeff Reisig is the right choice for District Attorney.


Getting the Job Done

Since taking office, Jeff has made improving public safety his top priority.  He’s also increased efficiency to ensure taxpayers' dollars are invested wisely.   As District Attorney, Jeff has:

  • Launched a Sexual Predator Unit designed to track and catch child molesters and rapists.
  • Built a High-Tech Division to utilize cutting-edge technology to catch and convict criminals.
  • Decreased needless delays in the criminal justice system.
  • Increased jury trials by over 100%.
  • Innovated and effectively deployed the first paperless District Attorney case management system in California.
  • Responsibly managed operating expenses in the District Attorney’s Office.
  • Implemented an Environmental Unit to catch polluters and a Consumer Fraud Protection Unit to catch con-artists and unscrupulous businesses.
  • Implemented an innovative "Fraud Alert" program to protect seniors and others.
  • Designed and implemented a countywide truancy program to keep kids in school and out of trouble.
  • Utilized Restorative Justice in a ground-breaking Neighborhood Court Program.
  • Developed a Multi-Cultural Community Council and a Citizens Academy to engage diverse sections of our community. 
  • Increased services to victims and educated the public on victims' rights.
  • Received the continuing support of Crime Victims United of California.
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