Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig

District Attorney Jeff Reisig with Victim Services' Aloha

District Attorney Jeff Reisig with Victim Comfort Dog Aloha

In 2006, 2010, and again in 2014, Jeff Reisig was elected District Attorney of Yolo County with the strong support of diverse community organizations, victims groups, law enforcement associations and civic and public safety leaders from across the region.

Reisig was born in a small farming community in California, where he and his siblings were raised by their mother, a public school teacher, and their father, a local businessman.

After attending public schools, his interest in agriculture led him to the University of California at Davis, where he earned his degree in agricultural and managerial economics.

He then attended law school at the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, where he graduated with Great Distinction and Order of the Coif, before going on to represent farmers and other businesses as a lawyer for a prestigious Central Valley law firm.

Ultimately, Reisig’s passion for truth and justice and his desire to serve the public led him to return to Yolo County to start his career as a prosecutor with the District Attorney’s Office in 1997.

Reisig has spent most of his entire professional life in the trenches as a prosecutor.  As a Yolo County Deputy District Attorney, he prosecuted thousands of criminal cases ranging from murder, rape and robbery, to white collar crimes, crimes against children and the elderly, and quality of life crimes.

In 2001, Reisig was selected to spearhead the development and oversight of Yolo County District Attorney’s first multi-agency gang task force to deal with the emerging threat of organized gangs, guns and drugs throughout Yolo County.  Over the next six years, Reisig successfully prosecuted some of the most violent and serious criminals in Yolo County including gang leaders, major drug dealers and cop killers.

Reisig’s colleagues voted him Yolo County Prosecutor of the Year for three consecutive years in 2003, 2004 and again in 2005.

Three-Time Prosecutor of the Year

As Yolo County District Attorney, Reisig has focused intensively on fighting violent crime, while also ensuring that his office delivers healing restoration to victims of crime and also meaningfully engages with diverse Yolo County communities with respect and integrity.

Since becoming District Attorney, conviction rates for serious and violent felonies have remained at historically high levels in Yolo County.  Reisig has delivered tough sentences for sex offenders and violent criminals; expanded services to victims of crime and their families; created new investigative divisions to catch and prosecute child sexual predators; pursued con-artists and identity thieves, especially those who target the elderly; and he has aggressively gone after environmental polluters and held them accountable.

District Attorney Reisig filed an environmental action in 2017 to stop this local biomass facility from depositing hazardous material into the soil near homes and farms. As District Attorney, Reisig has filed dozens of environmental pollution cases to protect our families and environment. Visit Yolo DA’s Environmental Protection Division page here.

In his ongoing efforts to enact smart criminal justice reforms and engage the community, Reisig developed and launched a ground-breaking restorative justice program called Neighborhood Court in 2013.  Since its launch, Neighborhood Court has helped resolve over 1200 criminal cases outside the traditional criminal justice system.  Supported and staffed by over 200 community volunteers, a recent independent study found that Neighborhood Court had an 89% completion rate by participants and an incredibly low recidivism rate of 4%.  Under Reisig’s thoughtful leadership, Neighborhood Court has become a leading example of bold and innovative local criminal justice reform that actually works.

District Attorney Reisig and the Neighborhood Court Team – Committed to Restorative Justice in Yolo County

District Attorney Reisig also helped develop Yolo County’s first Mental Health Court in a collaborative effort to provide an alternative to traditional prosecution and jail for those who commit non-violent crimes and are diagnosed with a severe mental illness.  Under the close supervision of trained mental health professionals, a judge and DA and defense staff, mentally ill offenders are given the opportunity to address their illness and their conduct without jail.  Since its initial launch, the program has continued to grow and succeed with Reisig’s full support.

Also under his leadership and the mantra “Justice Finds No Solace in Delay,” the District Attorney’s Office has consistently spearheaded the efforts to make the criminal justice system in Yolo County more efficient by aggressively demanding swift justice for all criminal cases in Yolo County.  By dramatically increasing the number of cases taken to trial each year and consistently advocating for victims’ speedy trial rights, the wheels of justice in Yolo County are turning more efficiently than ever before.  Reisig has delivered some much needed solace to the victims of crime waiting for justice and his expeditious prosecutions have helped reduce jail overcrowding.

District Attorney Jeff Reisig, with Carlos Mattos, receiving the Concilio Award in 2015.

District Attorney Reisig is the recipient of numerous awards.

The Concilio of Yolo County honored him for his leadership in developing reformative programs that embraced inclusivity and diversity principles.

The University of California at Davis also honored District Attorney Reisig with the Highly Distinguished Calvin E. Handy Leadership Award for embodying the “true spirit of community” and being a “champion for victims rights both at UC Davis and in the greater Yolo County area where many UC Davis community members reside.”

Calvin Handy, UC Davis Police Chief Emeritus, awarding District Attorney Reisig the distinguished leadership award.

In 2016, District Attorney Reisig was presented with the “Kinya Noguchi Award” by the Asian Peace Officers Association in recognition of his service to the citizens of the state, his full support of local agencies working to improve public safety and for being a “True Trailblazer” in the pursuit of fair justice.

District Attorney Reisig honored with the Kinya Noguchi Award – 2016 Asian Peace Officers Association

California’s largest victim advocacy association, Crime Victims United of California, also honored Reisig as a key advocate in the fight for victims’ rights and honored his efforts in helping to secure California’s passage of Marsy’s Law, which amended the California Constitution to protect victims’ rights.

Reisig has also been recognized for his work in combating domestic violence and his commitment to ending child truancy.

Reisig is a member of the California District Attorneys Association, where he served on the Board of Directors and currently chairs a statewide committee dedicated to expanding and improving the ways prosecutors communicate relevant information to members of the public with modern social media and technology.

Reisig is also a member of the National District Attorneys Association and a graduate of the prestigious “Executive Program” for District Attorneys across the United States.