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2018 Endorsements:

State Officials | Yolo County & City Officials | Public Safety Officials | Public Safety Associations | Victims Rights Associations | District Attorneys | Community Members | New Endorsements

(Partial list only)

State Officials

Yolo County & City Officials

  • Yolo County Supervisor Jim Provenza
  • Yolo County Supervisor Matt Rexroad
  • Yolo County Supervisor Duane Chamberlain
  • Yolo County Supervisor Oscar Villegas
  • Yolo County Supervisor Mike McGowan (ret.)
  • Yolo County Supervisor Helen Thomson (ret.)
  • Yolo County Supervisor Betsy Marchand (ret.)
  • Yolo County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jesse Ortiz
  • Mayor Christopher Cabaldon, City of West Sacramento
  • Mayor Angel Barajas, City of Woodland
  • Mayor Pro Tempore Brett Lee, City of Davis
  • Mayor Dan Wolk, City of Davis (ret.)
  • Mayor Mike Martin, City of Winters (ret.)
  • Councilmember Beverly Sandeen, City of West Sacramento
  • Councilmember Mark Johannasen, City of West Sacramento
  • Councilmember Christopher Ledesma, City of West Sacramento
  • Councilmember Quirina Orozco, City of West Sacramento
  • Councilmember Skip Davies, City of Woodland
  • Councilmember Tom Stallard, City of Woodland
  • Councilmember Xochitl Rodriguez, City of Woodland
  • Councilmember Enrique Fernandez, City of Woodland
  • (Partial list only)

Public Safety Officials

  • Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto
  • Yolo County Undersheriff Tom Lopez
  • Police Chief Dan Bellini, City of Woodland (ret.)
  • Police Chief Landy Black, City of Davis (ret.)
  • Police Chief John Miller, City of Winters
  • Police Chief Dan Drummond, City of West Sacramento (ret.)
  • Police Chief Sergio Gutierrez, City of Winters (ret.)
  • Police Chief Matthew Carmichael, UC Davis (ret.)
  • Chief Investigator Bruce Naliboff, Yolo County (ret.)
  • Chief Investigator Peter Martin, Yolo County (ret.)
  • Chief Joe Ortiz, California Highway Patrol  (ret.)
  • Captain Dale Johnson, Yolo County Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Lieutenant Lou Pires, Yolo County Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Sergeant Matthew Davis, Yolo County Sheriff’s Dept.
  • (Partial list only)

Public Safety Associations

  • California Statewide Law Enforcement Association
  • Yolo County Deputy District Attorneys Association
  • West Sacramento Police Officers Association
  • Winters Police Officers Association
  • Davis Police Officers Association
  • Woodland Police Officers Association
  • UC Davis Police Officers Association
  • Yolo County Probation Association
  • California Highway Patrol Public Safety Dispatchers Association
  • Association of Criminalists for The California Department of Justice
  • California Association of Fraud Investigators
  • California Association of Law Enforcement Employees
  • Association of Deputy Commissioners
  • California Association of Regulatory Investigators and Inspectors
  • Association of Special Agents-DOJ
  • Association of Motor Vehicle Investigators of California
  • Fire Marshal and Emergency Services Association
  • California Alcohol Beverage Control Agents
  • Hospital Police Association of California
  • California Association of Criminal Investigators
  • Resource Protection Peace Officer Association
  • California Association of Food and Drug Investigator
  • Association of Conservationist Employees
  • Association of Motor Carrier Operation Specialists
  • California Organization of Licensing Registration Examiners
  • Woodland Fire Mid-Management Group
  • West Sacramento Police Managers Association
  • West Sacramento Firefighters Association
  • Woodland Professional Firefighters Association
  • Davis Professional Firefighters Association
  • Sacramento Area Fire Fighters, Local 522

Victims Rights Associations

District Attorneys

  • United States Attorney for Eastern District of California, McGregor Scott (ret.)
  • District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert, Sacramento County
  • District Attorney Krishna Abrams, Solano County
  • District Attorney Vern Pierson, El Dorado County
  • District Attorney Scott Owens, Placer County
  • District Attorney Cliff Newell, Nevada County
  • District Attorney Larry Morse, Merced County
  • District Attorney Patrick McGrath, Yuba County
  • District Attorney Amanda Hopper, Sutter County
  • District Attorney Todd Riebe, Amador County
  • District Attorney Dan Dow, San Luis Obispo County
  • District Attorney David Henderson, Yolo County (ret.)
  • Chief Deputy District Attorney Ann Hurd, Yolo County (ret.)
  • Chief Deputy District Attorney Robert Trudgen, Amador County
  • (Partial list only)

Community Members

  • Carlos Matos, VP of the Mexican American Concilio of Yolo County
  • Ted Puntillo, Director of Veteran Services, Solano County
  • Hamza El Nakhal
  • Sonny and Jeanette Ali
  • Gardner, Janes, Nakken, Hugo & Nolan Law Firm
  • Raul DeAnda
  • Dan Ramos
  • Dan Stroski
  • Evelia Genera
  • Marcus Wiggins Esq, Sports Agent and Grammy Member
  • Edna Bohon
  • Rohit Nayyar
  • Thomas Cross
  • Don Heller, Esq.
  • Mike Wiethorn
  • Rick Butterfield
  • Scott Hervey, Esq.
  • Susan Lundquist
  • Kris Kristensen
  • Jim and Joan Fredericks
  • Craig Fries
  • Gina Daleiden
  • William Weisgerber
  • Leta Eddie
  • Eric Paulsen
  • Robyn Rominger
  • Bob & Nancy Lea
  • Dan Dowling
  • Wanda Freeman
  • Mary Baxstresser
  • Jackie Park Burris
  • Craig Walker
  • Michael Works
  • Sukh Kajley
  • Murre Traverso
  • The Hinkel Family
  • The Porter Family
  • The Trn Family
  • The Enriquez Family
  • Partial list…

New Endorsements!

  • Yolo County Deputy District Attorneys Association

Partial list…more coming soon!

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